Hey, welcome to MSTR. We're so happy you're here. Whoever you are.

We're Heather and Michael, the proud parents of MSTR. We've worked in the barber and cosmetology industry for over 15 years. We first worked together briefly in 2011, and instantly became friends. Then in 2012, we started working together again, and instantly started dating.

We literally fell in love in a barbershop, so you could say that barbershops have a chokehold on our hearts.

We came up with the concept of MSTR on our honeymoon, and just a few months later, we opened up shop in September of 2013 as Mister Grooming and Goods.

We knew we wanted to stay true to the art of traditional barbering, while pulling in some of our favorite aspects the salon experience. We felt strongly that clients of a barbershop should be offered complimentary beverages, be able to book appointments, get a shampoo, blow dry and style, and leave with the products needed to recreate their styles at home.

We started out with two barbers and one manager/receptionist, and a lot of sugar free red bull. Fast forward ten years and we have 11 insanely talented barbers, an incredible manager, an awesome front desk team. And, of course, the greatest freaking clients on the planet.

Thanks for vising MSTR. Sit back, relax and prepare to feel fine as hell.

Heather & Michael

We're kind of crazy about hair.

We don't just cut hair. We're obsessed with hair. You deserve nothing but the best barbershop experience, and that's what we'll give you. Get ready to feel fine as hell when you walk out our door.

Meet Our Crew

The Name Change

When we opened, choosing a name was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make. How could we pick something that could truly represent who we are? After entirely too much procrastination, we chose Mister Grooming & Goods. At the time we felt it worked; we’re grooming and we’re selling the goods.

It didn’t take long for us to outgrow that name and realize that it didn’t accurately describe who we are. We’re not just a barbershop for men; we’re a barbershop for everyone.

So, we decided to drop the “I” and “E” and change our name to MSTR.

You can pronounce is M-S-T-R or stick with reading it as “Mister” - Whatever tickles your fancy. Either way, you’re gonna get an amazing cut, a stellar experience, and you’re gonna feel fine as hell when you leave.

Truth Bombs Hurt So Good.

The more you know

"This was the most amazing straight razor beard shave I've had in my entire life! Free drinks while you wait (which isn't long), great music, incredible beard/shave/hair products to purchase and most importantly, barbers who know what the hell they are doing!"

Jonathan P.

Freshly Shaved

A Great Space

"I love the shop everyone is friendly and cool with their own style .. the shop is one of kind and offers a lot of cool products to try as well as drink at check in. I find it comfortable and calm ..a great space"

Char R.

Getting Comfy

More than a haircut

"Mister is the best barbershop I have ever visited. The crew is amazing, and some of the best people I have the pleasure of meeting. Every time I arrive, I know what to expect from everyone, and I never leave disappointed. I always look forward to my visits, and have some great conversations with everyone."

Ian M.

Shootin’ the Sh!t



How do I book an appointment?

You can easily book your appointment online right here on our website.

Not sure which service to book, or booking for more than one person? Give us a call at (412) 326-5964 to schedule over the phone.

If you want to get real friendly, stop in and our front desk staff can make your appointment in the flesh.

I requested an appointment online, now what?

When you request an appointment online, Vagaro holds that appointment for you and sends the request right to the front desk. Once the appointment is accepted, you’ll receive a notification that your appointment is confirmed.

What happens if my appointment request isn’t accepted?

This means that the barber is unable to provide the service, or that the front desk needs more information prior to booking. No matter what the reason, we will reach out directly to schedule your appointment over the phone. We won’t leave you hanging!

I requested an appointment after business hours, when will I know if my appointment is confirmed?

We’ll check all appointment requests first thing when we come in. The front desk will let you know asap so you can plan.

Why do I need to have a credit card on file to schedule?

Vagaro requires a credit card on file to book online to avoid no-shows and late cancelations. Clients have up to six hours prior to their appointment to cancel or reschedule their appointments without being hit with a fee. This gives the shop enough time to fill the open appointment with someone from the cancellation list.

If you cancel after the six-hour window, your card is charged for 50% of the service scheduled. If your appointment is marked as a “no show” your card is charged for 100% of the service scheduled. A “no-show” means, there was no call or heads up. Aka if you ghost us, your card gets charged.

Why do I have to pay for an appointment I didn’t make it to?

Our barbers work super hard and earn their living by providing services. So, when there is a no-show or an appointment cancelled right before it was scheduled, they don’t have enough time to fill that spot. This means they make zero dollars for being at work – it’s the pits.

I had an emergency and couldn’t cancel in the window of time to avoid a cancellation fee, what do I do?

We totally understand that shit happens. Just give the shop a call and we’ll work it out. Refunding a cancellation fee is super easy, so the front desk can take care of you.

What’s the deal with the cancellation list?

The Cancelation list is one of our favorite tools. If you haven’t ever put yourself on the list, it might sound discouraging. Don’t let the idea of having to wait fool you.

We have cancellations and reschedules every day and we use the list to contact clients to fill those spots. You can even make an appointment anf put yourself on the cancellation list. That appointment is six weeks away and you were hoping to get in next week? A spot opens, you snag it and cancel your existing appointment. Done and done.

How do I pay and tip?

You can pay with cash or card – or even just charge your service right to the card on your account. You can tip with cash or Venmo. We have a Venmo tip jar with everyone’s QR codes at the front desk. The barbers’ Venmo info is also on their employee profiles on our website, so don’t panic if you left without tipping – you can do it right from our site.

Don’t have Venmo or cash? We have an atm right in the shop.

How do I book a wedding party?

To book your wedding party, or a group of services for any occasion, give us a call or email us the date and your contact information and we'll be in contact to walk you through booking, selecting the right services, and sorting out the details. You can book your party while other clients are there, or you can book a private wedding party giving you the entire shop to yourselves.

What’s the difference between the Quickie Beard Trim and The Straight Razor Beard Trim?

Both services provide a beard trim and shaping, they’re just a different experience. The Straight Razor Beard Trim is a 30-45 minute service that includes a consultation, hot towels, shaping and grooming of the beard, a straight razor lineup, and full straight razor neck shave.

The Quickie Beard Trim includes a consultation, shaping and grooming of the beard and neck; the lineup is done with edgers instead of the straight razor. We call it a “quickie” because it gets the job done, without the foreplay and length of the straight razor beard trim.

Should I book The Classic Cut or Uncle Jesse?

If you’re too young to know who Uncle Jesse is, no problem. Picture hockey hair; like hair that’s gonna blow in the wind if you’re driving with the windows down, hair that you can tuck behind your ear, hair that you could potentially put into a ponytail.

Now, think about getting it cut, do you want your barber to use clippers? Do you want a fade and to be able to see skin on the sides? Do you want your ears to be cut out? If the answer to those questions is no, then you’re going to want to book an Uncle Jesse.

Why is the cost of Pixie Power different than The Classic Cut?

Simply put; Pixie Power takes more time, more products, and more dry cutting. Pixie Power is a 45-60 minute service while The Classic Cut is a 30 minute service.

Is a Clean Up the same thing as getting a trim?

Nope. A trim is a cut; whether you’re getting a little cut off or a lot cut off, you get the same service. A clean up is solely the back of the neck and around the ears, no shampoo or style. It’s for the necklines that get a little “teen wolf” between cuts.

What makes your straight razor services so different than other shops?

All of our straight razor services are an indulgent experience; think of it as a facial and a shave in one.

The barbers use 5-6 hot towels, pre-shave oils, shave creams and balms suited for your skin and hair type, then finish with post-shave balms and treatments to prevent razor burn or irritation. The shaves and straight razor beard trims all include a full neck shave so you’re as smooth as baby’s butt, or whatever that weird saying is.

Long story short; we don’t dry shave and we don’t skimp on anything.

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